Dancing With The King

April 6 – 8, 2018

Dancing With The King™ 

Dancing With The King™ is an annual event that celebrates the legacy and music of Elvis Presley™. If you love Elvis™ and his music you won’t want to miss this fun weekend!

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Elvis™ Changed Music


Remember the music that got everyone “All Shook Up” – over the weekend you are sure to hear old favorites and perhaps a song or two you had forgotten. With over 700 original recordings and hundreds of remixes, there will definitely be ones you enjoy!

Elvis™ Changed Dancing


With new music, comes new ways to express yourself through dancing!! See old and new styles of couple dancing performances – all set to music where Elvis™ is singing.

Elvis™ Changed Style


Remember the great styles of the 50s and 60s – you can don your favorite gear for our Sock Hop party to kick off the weekend fun!




Join us as we Honor Elvis™ 

Spend the weekend in Elvis™ home town. Visit his Birthplace and learn more about the Elvis that locals knew and remember fondly. Celebrate his music and the way it influenced simply everything!